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Rose collective (HR)

Rose Velvet, 2023


It's me! Rose! Rose Velvet- I'm here, hi, hello! I'm online, online - onLINE :D I'll tell you everything about myself: 1. Talented! 2. Brilliant! 3. Incredible! 4. Stunning! 5. Spectacular! My infrastructure is a very simple set of 6 hands and 30 fingers 2 broken, 1 cut. Click, click, click! Nice deal, I think, 3-in-1! I'm so glad we met! No no, I don't smoke – it's not good for you! \(×~×)/


In all my forms, I am so real and so authentic! I am very productive, maybe the most productive in the whole world – (I would say) My nails are hitting the keyboard -

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Sorry, PP



Yeehaw! I ride towards the horizon of the Wild Wild Web. I'm a cowboy who stomps on his enemies! But I love hanging out with my friends! I love my friends! Every person in the world is my friend! I'm Rose! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The work was produced by KUĆĆA within the LIVING ROOM residency programme.. 
The research was realised with the support of Miroslav Kraljević Gallery (GMK).
The work was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia, and the City of Zagreb’s City Office for Culture, International Relations and Civil Society, and the Kultura Nova Foundation

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