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Robert Fenrich (HR)

suddenly it was clear, yesterday is just a fever dream, 2023

13:45 after a long day, there is nothing better than changing into a fresh change of skin and crawling under the warm hood of a new car


Latent life born from ubiquitous substances, all those things that make us us us us us us. It's not from here, but it's not from anywhere else.


09:12 today I wriggled out of the rough tube, with stiff wings I re-entered this sterile environment in which you are no longer here. and tomorrow I might wake up suspended, with throbbing tentacles. and a few days ago I turned into thousands of gut microbiota, although without the gut. we gnawed all this plastic around us, called ourselves plastivores. but it only destroyed us. sometimes i’m afr


It is reminiscent of someone who was here, a relic of the future unfolding right before us. Reflection of reality, all that simulation, hyperreality, heterotopia in one constantly active mechanism.


11:57 every day is the same, only I'm different lol


The eternal transmutation of an organism that resides between yes and no, growth and decay, conception and death.


Last seen a long time ago

The work was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

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