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Marianna Nardini (HR)

The Inner Ecstatic, 2022

In a landscape of shadows, the mermaids whisper their chants, guiding us with their irresistible voices.


What do we want to embody?


The way fantasies are constructed reveals the complex relationship of their essential role that an individual discovers and reveals through their actions in the common world. We are the children of our deities. The ambient installation seeks to encourage the reflection on the process of fetishization and the search for the object of desire, which are an integral part of our habitus and habitat. The I and non-I, the object and the subject, permeate each other in a cannibalistic way. The tools we find at the site embody the obsessive desire to consume and realize what is within us: the ideal, conceptual, ideological, preferential and subconscious. Faced with reality, the human spirit is eternally perverted: it feeds off reality in the reverse dynamics of organic and artificial constructions. We respond with the obsessions of gazing, selecting, dissecting, analysing, and behavioural achievements. From political ideologies and mass-produced food to intimate artworks, honest conversations and modesty, these are all monuments of humanity that the human spirit experiences and uses to shape itself. The presence of a kink does not reveal perversity, but the essential need for knowledge and research to the last detail. Here we find a piece of truth that motivates and achieves our essentially human metaphysics.

Do we shape our fantasies or do they shape us? What are their dynamics of functioning? What shape are they? What does their source look like, their essence?

Collaborators: KUĆĆA

This project was realized especially for the 36th Youth Salon and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media RH.

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