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Luka Cvetković (RS)

LAMB (History Always Begins With You), 2021


LAMB (History Always Begins With You) is a performance that took place in Kosovo, from 27th of March to 3rd of April 2021. For seven days, on a 150-kilometre journey, Luka Cvetković carried and cared for a lamb from Jarinje (an ethnic Serb village in the north) to Kačanik (an ethnic Albanian village in southern Kosovo) where it continued to live with an Albanian-Kosovar farmer. The performance has been documented from the lamb's perspective, as the main idea was to raise the question of a new subjectivity versus pre-existing narratives, concepts and projections. This aims to raise the discussion around a new, non-politicized and uncorrupted point of view to gain a new understanding of reality, i.e., knowledge of how reality is performed onto us. This perspective can serve as a starting point for thinking about events beyond necessity and predictability, beyond the need for human subjectivization; events that displace the human subject from the centre and offer ways to form a contingently different relationship with the being of the other.

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