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Andrej Beštak & Anja Leko, Sensitivity Virus II (2023)

Andrej Beštak & Anja Leko, Sensitivity Virus II (2023)

Material and technique: sculpted and glazed chamotte ceramic

Dimensions: 34 x 25 x 19 cm

One of a kind.

Comes with a certificate of authenticity.


The Self as a virus finding its vessel.

An enigmatic being enters hollow forms, in-vitro creatures floating in endless waters, like dreaming babies.

The Self enters objects and makes them sentient beings of will and desire.

The Divine Child’s transcendent illumination touches the collective unconscious of all beings, ushering forth an era of profound enlightenment, echoing the depths of the human psyche and the eternal quest for self-realization.

With powers that challenge the very fabric of reality, this extraordinary being is both physical and virtual, real and fictional, a human child and an avatar. The one who doesn’t need an enemy, It sees what is behind avatars, our new masks, it feels the desires hiding in the shadows. It knows the quintessential manifestation of singularity, embodying the transformative journey towards actualization and the integration of the collective unconscious, reaching the point at which a function takes an infinite value.


This work is part of the series Rendering into Hypersensitivity developed and premiered in 2023 as a multimedia installation during a residency at Petrohradska kolektiv in Prague, Czechia


Andrej Beštak and Anja Leko are an artist duo from Zagreb, Croatia. They consider themselves spatial storytellers: with the interplay of image and sound, through installation, performance, and video they create an emotional dialog between the artwork and the audience. They tell stories that unfold from our contemporary experience in which urban mythologies, spiritual experiences, and club culture merge with individualism, materialism, and global capitalism. They like to take paths that are light, goofy, and sometimes cartoony to tell stories that they find serious and heavy to digest. 


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