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Tea Stražičić (HR)

Vermilion, 2022


Part of a bigger collection of works, the exhibited paintings and sculptures  take on  the form of an oversized graphic novel, referencing dystopian fiction. The stories’ protagonists, Riders of the Apocalypse, are on their way to a doomsday party, set out on a journey to deliver Behemoth to an Anti-Diluvian Club. The characters are striking skeletal creatures who behave like vampires, while their appearances change as they travel through a surreal landscape of apps, add-ons, and architecture. Over the course of their journey, they gradually lose their sense of self as well as their need for self-determination and individuality. They come to understand individuality as a trap that humans have created for themselves, one that prevents real communication. (Madalina Stanescu)


Produced by Trauma Bar und Kino (Berlin)

The work is exhibited with the support by cargo-partner.

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