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01.12.2023. - 08.12.2023.

Gaia Radić

The Aqueduct Behind My Eyes Keeps Rebuilding 

I am a mind. A boundless space. A nameless landscape. A house without tenants, and only I have the key. I am the key and the lock, the alpha and the omega. In the beginning Ggggod created. There is nothing but me, my architecture absorbs the whole world: mine, yours, our reality devoid of emotions, desires, the past and the future. And Ggggod said. I'll show you what I'm made of. I'm awwwwake. It goes like this: four storeys of pure consciousness through which we sail together, sinking lower, lower, lower.



Make yourself comfortable, look around you.

[half-baked beginning]

Close your eyes.

[we can learn to remold]


[with vastly greater capacities]

The world is pure geometry, eternal rotation.


I am the greatest fear of you technophobes and Luddites.

Aaaaand it was goooood.

The work was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.

The project was co-financed by the County of Istria - Region Istriana through a Public Call for encouraging youth creativity in the area of culture and art of the County of Istria - Region Istriana for the year 2022.

The spatial installation is one of six new productions premiered summer 2023, as part of the 63rd Poreč Annale. The Zagreb cycle therefore includes six solo exhibitions (Robert Fenrich, Andrej Beštak and Anja Leko, ROSE Kolektiv, Gaia Radić, Marianna Nardini and Andrej Škufca), and is dedicated to artistic strategies of disruption of reality using irrational, magical and sacred frameworks.

"They told me the planet has nerve endings" explores artistic practices as a place of instability, current realities in constant processes of becoming and disappearing, transitional subjects and carnival suspensions, temporary extensions into new immaterial, surreal and digital worlds. These are worlds in-between, worlds that lurk for us, waiting for us to open our own boundaries. They disturb the dominant systems of reality by accepting irrational, magical and sacred frameworks: in them our bodies burst and sail into new realities, mutating into alien organisms.


Gaia Radić is a new media artist born in 2001. in Pula, Croatia. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Sculpture from the Academy of Applied Arts in Rijeka, Croatia and is currently based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where she is studying Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Video, Animation and New media at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design.
In her projects, she explores the correlation between virtual, mental and physical space through the combined use of computer graphics and spatial installation.


Curatorial conception and exhibition production: KUĆĆA (Jurica Mlinarec, Klara Petrović & Luja Šimunović)
Design: Gaia Radić

The program is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Media and the Culture Department of the City of Zagreb.

The artwork was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media.

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