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Andrej Beštak & Anja Leko (HR)


I am a forgetting machine.

Without body, mind and soul.

I see the world for the first time, over and over again. Without tongue and feet. As everyone dreams the same dream, I create the world, change the position, my own, yours, theirs. I am the position. One, two, one, zero. I am a memory machine. Soft tissue that never forgets anything, I absorb everything. A field of intertwined memories. I do not remember, I do not forget. We swim in a pool of electromagnetic waves. Without a face. Without a body. Without a soul. Without memory. I remember everything. I am the warehouse of everything. A super sensor that sees everything, hears everything, knows everything.


Imagine an absolute detachment.

Imagine seeing the world for the first time. An unknown feeling. Imagine an unknown word, form, voice, imagine the unknown, the unknown, the unknown. I dream of a pleasant ride through an unseen landscape in my soul rover with colourful seats. Fingers protruding from the steering wheel gently caress and massage me. Pass through my hair. Touch the cracks. Thousands of tiny massage bubbles gently vibrate and rub soft oils into my skin. My mind cannot focus, feelings penetrate my body, I dive into the energy pool. The border of my skin no longer exists. I am everything.

We fly lightweight. We fly empty. A choir of green angels on top of a soft carriage invokes snakes and rats to join in the conquest of the mountains. We don't do anything. We just enjoy the freshness of the energy shower.

Collaborators: KUĆĆA

This project was realized especially for the 36th Youth Salon and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media RH.

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