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Andrej Škufca (SI)

don't even trust nobody, 2023

Hide and seek is the name of the game xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  with conjoined rods that silently eat the air. The game is corrupted. It makes it so so easy to hide in plain sight. The summer’s sticky heat may show our joints and bounds xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A thing that spans across the world. Heavy mycelium surfacing only to play. The rules are simple: xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx This is a game of timely revolutions. Of confidential technological ambitions. We'll never forget the sweet sweet smell of molten time enveloping our corroding skin. xxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Something's happening, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and it’s heresy to breathe the same air we do. We love it because it’s what makes us tick. We click click click together. Like sand slipping through your keyboard. Plugged or unplugged. It still works but it isn’t the same. xxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxx xx This game constricts. This game overwhelms. This game is rigged. This game is not xxxxxxxxx

The work was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia.
The project was co-financed by the County of Istria - Region Istriana through a Public Call for encouraging youth creativity in the area of culture and art of the County of Istria - Region Istriana for the year 2022".

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