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Eden, 2022


A swamp is an exotic environment and a toxic oasis of posthuman nature. In it real and fictional beings coexist, and man has been displaced from the centre and stripped of the inherited authority he had in the anthropocentric world. Eden explores a perspective focused on the evolution of matter and life on Earth through ecology and a posthumanist view of the future. The work opens a discourse on the interconnected and interdependent relationship between man and nature, as integral parts of the same fundamental reality of the producer and the produced. The idea behind the work is to reconsider the relationship between the apparent dichotomies of the artificial and the natural. The art collective, thus, sees matter as a dynamic substance that does not wait for passive (re)shaping by an external force but is itself an ever-emerging vital process of materialization.

Bodies of water are of great interest to recent posthumanist thought.


Water is not everything, but water is everywhere. It is both matter and a process: water is always in relation. It gently exists but also erodes and absorbs. Life comes from water. Contrary to the idea of man as a closed, static and autonomous being, human bodies are viewed as bodies of water in constant interaction with other bodies of water made up of non-human intermediaries. Questioning the interdependence of man and water, the scope of the transformation of aquatic ecosystems and anthropogenic impacts on the environment, this work explores the phenomenon of the swamp as a speculative place at the crossroads of dystopia and utopia. A swamp provides the space for exploring natural phenomena and a new concept of posthumanist ecology, which uses scientific and fictional strategies to question the future and complexity of the triple helix in the context of the man-nature-technology system.

Collaborators: KUĆĆA

This project was realized especially for the 36th Youth Salon and with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media RH.

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