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marianna nardini x kućća

19:00-23:59, 02.12.2022. 

Nova cesta 128 @Zagreb

We invite you to the grand opening of our new space in Zagreb's Trešnjevka! Artist Marianna Nardini ushers us into a new era with an installation and performance she developed during our LIVING ROOM residency.

Inspired by research on the psychological shadow through the literary-psychological-biological spectrum, the artist asks the question: What would the Shadow give birth to? What would be its essential fruition? What would be another perspective of our most intimate evil?


To embrace the horror of the inner abyss, to gaze into it and lovingly accept its enormity and strength. Gently rocking the Id, we drift into sleep and discover a complexly intertwined space of mind in which we are the ones who are truly “nurtured.” Our Shadow lulls us to sleep with the intensity of the unknown, danger, our own libido, whirlwind and longing, until we finally sink, truly rightly, into unconsciousness, on a bed of comforting, sharp but fertile broken bones. The awakening is doubled this time, a new form of life is revealed, an amorphous being full of will in a landscape of sharp perspectives in the presence of the absent.

Marianna Nardini is a graduated artist from the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb focused on interdisciplinary research, multimedia, experimental and new media approaches with an emphasis on ambient creativity, participatory practices and a research approach.

Realized with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Media RH.​

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