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Marianna Nardini (HR)

Shut-in, 2023

This is the path of empty eye sockets and blurred vision, a little and big death branching out through the banality, the exceptionality of existence’s mechanics. The limit and (un)limitless nature  of the spirit are calibrated by tirelessly walking, second by second, putting one foot in front of the other –- we are as sure as our last step. Have you ever thought recklessly? Have you ever deprived people (or yourself) of hope?? Time condenses, abandons itself to the most fertile decaying fabric of emptiness. Have you ever stolen a body from another being? Have you ever denied others a means of existence?

No, there is nothing but transition – the liminal state, a transition from Heaven to Earth, health to illness, youth to old age, the divine to the opposite. Ultimately, there is no (end in) finitude. Have you ever obliterated a language? Have you ever degraded a religion? The world closes and opens, a cloth is placed over a lifeless face, coins ensure the grace of transition, and all that remains breathes and presses and plays catch with contradictions because it is difficult to express the embrace of eternity that awaits in this intermediate space, in the space between the body and the abyss, interior and exterior. Have you ever pretended to be dead? Have you ever practiced human sacrifice, metaphorically or otherwise?

This is a reaction, realization, reconfiguration, recapitulation, resuscitation, resuscitation, reanimation, reanimationreanimationreanimationreanimationreanimanimationreanimationreanimationreanimationreanimationreanimationreanimationreaimanimationreanimationrationreanimationreanimationnimationimatn.

Have you ever disappeared? (1)

Sound in collaboration with senpvii
Video: Ivan Srakić
Thanks to Petar Lebinec for the logistical help on location. 


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